My name is Brian Miller (@TheMillerMath) (brianmiller707 at gmail) and this blog is meant to share my vision of a differentiated math curriculum.  I am sharing the specific lesson plans I use under 12 different catagories of differentiation – #assessment, #collaboration, #creative, #discovery, #error, #game, #graphic organizer, #industry, #kinesthetic, #perplexity, #reasoning, #technology.

Here are my brief descriptions of each:

I use my hashtags in a quick calender style lesson plan, where I can quickly scan what I have been doing in the classroom, and know which types of lessons I have been doing, and which ones I need to do.  Here’s an example:

Notice how I can quickly look back on what I have been doing and know that I have been doing multiple #collaborative and #game, as well as #perplexity, #technology, and #graphicalorganizer lessons.  So in just a couple seconds I can see that I need to make sure that I do an #error, or #kinesthetic lesson in the next week or two.


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  1. Hi Brian,

    I am not sure how to use your email, so sorry about this punking of your comments! (could you send me your email?) But I really wanted your opinion on my lastest post…when you get the chance…it is short…
    Thanks, Amy

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